Crystal Jade Steamboat          #01-18       T : 6339 0283      Website

Crystal Jade’s first foray into all-day specialty steamboat dining concept, featuring an array of flavourful soup broth and fresh quality ingredients. Apart from the hearty steamboat offerings, be spoilt for choices with an extensive A-la-carte menu showcasing perennial favourites of Teochew and Cantonese specialties. 




LiHO          #01-09       T : 6339 2825       Facebook

LiHO 哩喝 is Singapore's largest freshly brewed milk tea brand. All our teas and beverages are brewed daily onsite, at all LiHO outlets. As a homegrown Singapore brand, our aim is to grow the tea drinking culture. We aim to have over 80 stores in Singapore.

Home grown Singapore brand LiHO 哩喝 presents Singapore’s 1st Cheese Teas and Smoothies! Tried and tested after many rounds of R&D, the combination of creamy cheese blends perfectly into the fragrant tea to give you probably the best combination of sweet and salty. Try it to experience it yourself


Kotobuki           #01-16       T : 6734 8850        Website

At Kotobuki we believe that there is no such thing as the best, only better. We can only better ourselves each day. It is this passion for continuous improvement, embodied in the world-renowned Kaizen principle that has helped us remain at the forefront of Japanese Restaurants in Singapore for over 32 years.

At Kotobuki we live to serve you better. We take our service and food quality very seriously, almost like a religion. The satiation seen on the faces of our customers is the highest priority for everything we do at Kotobuki. As our saying goes, “a satisfied customer is our best motivation and reward”.

We differentiate ourselves with our specialty Kanto cuisine.


  Starker Bistro           #01-02/03 (Days Hotel)        T : 6734 1810        Website

Derived from the German word that means 'stronger', Starker literally revives an old World style of beer drinking, offering you a strong, unrivalled taste of truly fresh beer that many beer connoisseurs have missed for generations. Brewed for a shelf-life of only 7 days and served straight from the keg, Starker is best consumed at 3°Celsius for your maximum pleasure. Beer so cool and taste so revitalising, let the ‘fresh’ experience begin right away. Currently we have 5 choices to choose from: Lager, Aromatic, Dunkel, Lychee and Charcoal. Not forgetting our Signature dishes such as mouth-watering ever-crunchy Pork Knuckle and titillating seasoned Pork Belly, etc.


Subway           #01-33/34        T : 6684 0228        Website

Be it a light lunch or a hearty dinner, there will surely be a sandwich, salad or wrap to satisfy your appetite at Subway. Made with freshly baked bread and a wide variety of fresh toppings and select sauces – just the way you want it, and right before your eyes – choose from old-world favorite BMT to classic Tuna to exotic Chicken Teriyaki. Eating light is easy, whether choosing a sandwich that has less than 6 grams of fat or making a meal out of a salad, for our friendly Sandwich Artists will be glad to help with recommendations. Expecting a party or corporate event? Our giant subs and platters are perfect for any occasion. Not forgetting our meal lunch boxes that can be ordered in advance for takeaways.



Thai Express           #01-17        T : 6734 9708        Visit Website

A Destination, An Experience
More than just a restaurant, ThaiExpress is a destination for you to dine in a relaxed yet contemporary ambience with no strict rules on decorum, still enjoy fantastically authentic Thai cuisine at very reasonable prices. 

You may convene with friends, share, dine and enjoy the experience of Thai indigenous spices, good food and great service. 


Toast Box           #01-11/14        T : 6684 5324        Website

Toast Box is a reflection of the coffee shops from the 70s, where the common practice for breakfast was a fragrant cup of Nanyang Coffee accompanied by freshly toasted bread. This warm, nostalgic concept was reinvented to bring back fond memories for those who missed the good old times, and for the younger ones to experience the feel and flavours of a bygone era.



Unforgettable Chinese Restaurant (Days Hotel)

#01-01              T : 6262 0003              

The Chinese Restaurant serves Northeastern Chinese Food. Our 3 main specialities are 徒手海鲜 (Bare Hands Seafood), 麻辣小龙虾 (Mala Crawfish), 东北烧烤 (Northeastern BBQ Skewers). Other dishes include the popular 麻辣香锅 (Mala Hotpot), 烤鱼(Grilled Fish) and many others.



Pistachio Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Grill           
#01-15        T : 6262 6400        Website

Helmed by former Shangri-la Hotel Chef Khaled Elelimi, Pistachio Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Grill offers popular classic dishes with a contemporary twist, lunch and dinner.

At Pistachio, we make our food from scratch and serve it fresh. Diners can expect popular dishes from regions such as Lebanon, Greece, Turkey, Morocco, Spain, and Italy. No trans fats or artificial ingredients will be used in the cooking.  



Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen 

#01-08A              Facebook          

Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen opened up 2nd outlets on Zhongshan Mall, and serves Thai Noodle Bowls and Rice at affordable price. We serve our Noodles in a modern presentation do not compromising on the ingredients and we insist using quality Thai imported ingredient.



Food Fair           #01-02        

The casual and contemporary ambiance of European bistros inspired Food Fair to infuse these characteristics with the local food courts that we are more accustomed to, resulting in a new dining experience where quality begins here. 




GION Dining Japanese Restaurant          #01-19       T : 6444 9989      Website


Gion Dining Japanese Restaurant is a cosy restaurant located at the park, with a beautiful view. great for couples, families and known to cater to corporate events too.
We specialize in set value meals & ala carte buffets. Purchasing fresh seafood from the fishing port, the kitchen prepares the delicacies free from 
Monosodium glutamate, yet appetising!


Yeero Gyro           #01-12        T : 6268 6877        Website

You don’t need to go to Greece to enjoy a Greek Gyro. You just have to head down to Yeero Gyro, a new dining concept by Pistachio.

The gyro is a traditional Greek food that consists of meat wrapped up in pita bread and served with onions, tomatoes and homemade tzatziki sauce, which includes a blend of yogurt and diced cucumber. At Yeero Gyro, we prepare beef and chicken meat in large loaves using our family secret recipe to cook on vertical rotisserie. For guests who prefer the vegetarian option, there's always the falafel gyro.